Our Story

It's About the Adventure

Providing our clients with the tools and resources to grow their business and fulfill their wildest dreams

Who is Webskey?

Webskey is a digital agency that focuses on building brands, not websites. We see the value in a complete marketing strategy over a “set and forget” website. Each client is different and brings a new challenge to the table. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to find the perfect solution for their needs. Leveraging your digital presence is one of the top ways to grow your business.

Why Us?

We like for our work to speak for itself. A lot of time and money went into developing our processes and making sure we can produce quality work in a timely manner. We are passionate about seeing others succeed and love when we get to be right next to them helping along the way. Keeping your brand’s image is the utmost importance to us while we create something we can both be proud of.


We will continue to help our clients grow their business for years to come. Our processes and service offerings will continue to adapt to the world around us. Clients can count on receiving innovative work from our team and the passion we have had since day one.

Core Values

Commit to Quality

We start testing our sites early in the development process. By utilizing this test-driven process, we can provide a polished product and customer experience.

Work With a Purpose

It’s our responsibility as an agency to make our work mean something. The success of a project is not gauged by the dollar amount attached to the proposal, or the time it took to get from start to finish. The true success of our projects are measured by the impact our work had on our clients and their business.

Foster Creativity

We love trying new things regardless of how crazy they may seem. Creativity is the fuel for our business and our work reflects that. Establishing a space where both the agency and client can converse and contribute to the creative process only adds value to the overall project.

Embrace Change

Our industry is changing at a rapid rate, and we are taking the necessary actions to ensure we don’t get left behind. We will be at the forefront of testing modern design and development techniques as they are released.

Meet Josh

My name is Josh Dunn, and I'm the owner of Webskey. I've been doing web development for the past 6 years. I spent the majority of that time exploring different ways to get the most out of WordPress. Many believe WordPress to be a blogging tool, or a simple drag and drop website builder. While it's perfect for blogging, the common page builders only scratch the surface.

When I'm not working on or in the business, you can usually find me playing video games. I'm an avid gamer and enjoy everything from a game of Clue to the most recent Call of Duty. The remainder of my time is spent creating content and spending time with those that matter most.

This business is something that I have been dreaming about for a very long time. I'm excited to help our clients grow their business/brand through a digital presence. Everything we do at Webskey has a purpose. Thank you for taking the time to check us out, and we hope to work with you soon!