Hourly Rate

For Maintenance Plan Clients

Our rate is currently $75/hr billed in 15min increments.

For Non-Maintenance Plan Clients

Our rate is currently $105/hr billed in 15min increments.

Why The Different Rates?

We strongly advise joining our monthly plan to ensure that your site is regularly updated, secured, and maintained by us. This helps to prevent a lot of additional backend work that may be required for even simple updates. As a thank you for trusting us to take care of your site and keep it running smoothly, we offer discounted rates on updates, revisions, and new features. Signing up for our monthly plan helps to ensure that your site is always in good working order.

Pricing Further Explained

We offer fixed pricing for full projects, and our hourly rate for smaller tasks such as website updates, one-off development, and graphic design work for current and past clients. Our team is known for providing timely and efficient service. Before starting work, we will gather as much information as possible and provide an estimate of the number of hours needed. Our hourly rate is competitive, especially considering our level of expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. (Most professionals and design teams charge between $75-$250 per hour.) We strive to keep our hourly rate as low as possible to make our services accessible to all clients. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or to set up a retainer for ongoing website updates.

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