Know Where You Rank

Request your FREE business Geogrid to see how you measure up against your top competitors within a five-mile radius.

What is a Geogrid report?

When someone searches for a business near them, Google looks at the exact location of the person doing the search.

At the top of the search results page will be the company that Google thinks is closest to the user and will best match their search query.

This implies that your Google "rank" varies depending on the location.

You have two options: we can make this for you for free, or you can drive around the entire town, updating your search, and charting the results.

The report will reveal the following to you:

Where you are ranking on Google for a 5-mile radius from. (see the example of a map with colored dots)
Who Google is showing as the top three competitors.
Your review profile compared to your top competitors.
And specific suggestions on how you can improve or secure your ranking results.

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